Main Handbook Read Policies
Hand book Table of Contents
Athol Communication Procedure

Mission Statement 

I. PGY-2 Introductory Schedules

A. Resident General Daily Schedule

B. Reading Assignments July/August

C. General Study Notes 

II. Rotations

A. Rotation Distribution Schedule

B. Rotation Descriptions 

III. Goals and Objectives

A. Introduction

B. Curricula

1. Nuclear Medicine

IV. Physics

V. Educational Resources 

VI. Departmental Policies

A. Radiology Residents Supervisory Line of Responsibilities

B. Criteria for Advancement

C. Resident Policies

D. Journal Club Format

E. Ultrasound Emergency Services/Protocol

F. Re-Reads/Discrepancies

G. House Officer Competencies

H. Support of Physical and Emotional Well-being of Residents

I. Resident Work Hours

J. Athol Memorial Hospital Workflow

K. Identification of Patients and Confirmation of Correct Site for Procedures

 VII. Chief Resident(s) Responsibilities  

VII. Evaluations - Program Faculty

ER Critical Read Policy
MRI Call Policy
US Call Policy
Time Off Request Form (Right Click to Save Target)
Leading a Journal Club
AFIP Case Submission Instructions
Pearls For 1st Years
Pearls- Naveen Garg
1st Year Cheat Sheet - Ted Sunidja
On Call Guide
St. Vincent ER Read Policy
Athol Communication
Stroke Protocol

How to Handle a Consult for Specials

GI Bleeding , Rx Algorithm

Pulmonary Emoblus Rx Algorithm

Indy Rad On Call
Iowa On Call